The Index

This site is no longer being updated. Please visit the new and improved Avalanche Index.


This site is an index to selected artist journals of the 1960s and 1970s. Currently issues one thru nine of  Avalanche (New York: 1970-1976) are indexed. The table of contents of each issue of dé-coll/age (Cologne: 1962-1969) are included in the index as well. This journal will be fully indexed at a later date.

Search or browse by name of artist, performer, author, curator, gallery, exhibition title, or business to discover where your topic is mentioned in the journals. People are listed in ABC order by first letter of their last name, places and events by first letter of the place/exhibition name. Hold the mouse over the letter to see the listings. For best results, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move up and down the screen.

 The Journals

Avalanche was published in New York from 1970-1976 by Liza Béar and Willoughby Sharp. It is an excellent resource for students and scholars studying Conceptual art as it features artist interviews, art spreads, and gallery advertisements and is international in scope.

Decollage was published in Cologne, Germany from 1962-1969 by the artist Wolf Vostell. It contains artworks by Vostell and other Fluxus artists. Includes interviews and artists’ writings.

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